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Giving Society

Join Prophet Elijah House’s commitment to retired priests

We invite you to share in supporting our beloved Priests as they transition to their retirement after faithfully serving across our Archdiocese. Please consider a sacrificial offering to honor these men who have given every measure in support of our Church.

We’d love to show you our home!

Please contact us to set up a tour:

 Paul Dudzic at  or  (720) 476-7525
Deacon Mark Wolbach at  or  303.715.2461


We would like to honor our most generous and thoughtful donors who open their hearts to his Priests with a naming opportunity. We understand that notoriety is not primary motivator of Catholic gifts, but we want to recognize our most valued benefactors in a manner appropriate for this extraordinary level of stewardship. By answering God’s call, we invite your family to name one of the suites and rooms within Prophet Elijah House. We want to bestow upon your family an enduring legacy – knowing that one of God’s ordained servants will live in a room proudly dedicated to your family. The naming right will extend in perpetuity and be recognized with a personally tailored plaque celebrating your families’ gift to our beloved priests.

Category Number of Sponsorships Donation level
Chapel* 1 $300,000
Fitness Center 1 $200,000
Upper Patio 1 $150,000
Entry Common Room 1 $250,000
Priest’s Suite 12 $200,000
Recovery and Visitor Suite 2 $150,000

*To highlight your generous donation, the Chapel will display a plaque with your name. The name of the Chapel must be a Saint’s name and as part of your donation, you are welcome to suggest a saint after whom the Chapel should be named.


Just as altar servers faithfully support our Priests as they celebrate the Lord’s sacraments, so does the Archdiocese and its parishioners wish to support its Priests as they convalesce. By making a meaningful gift to the Acolyte, Sacristan, or Thurifer Societies, your family can demonstrate their love for the priesthood and continue the tradition of service. The members of these societies will be proudly displayed in the foyer of the Prophet Elijah house as true servants of our priests. By joining this elite group of stewards, you become a living witness to the extraordinary sacrifice that our clergy has undertaken in the service of our families and parishes.

Supporter Societies
Acolyte Society 15 $100,000
Sacristan Society 25 $50,000
Thurifer Society 50 $25,000


Support Our Priests