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Our lives have been enriched through the selfless service of our shepherds who have offered mass daily, visited our sick family members in hospitals, and counseled us in times of need. Now we have an opportunity to care for them.


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You probably have some questions about Prophet Elijah House

Why do we need Prophet Elijah House?

Retired priests need a place to live, flourish, and thrive. In Colorado over the past decade, we have seen a dramatic decline in traditional Catholic retirement options. Prophet Elijah House is an opportunity to remedy that situation and provide affordable housing for our shepherds.

Where is Prophet Elijah House located?

The facility is currently being built at the Archdiocese of Denver John Paul II campus. Priests will be able to enjoy their independence and privacy in their own apartment, and also enjoy the community of the curia and seminaries on a gorgeous campus.

How many priests can live at the new facility?

There will be twelve apartments available for full-time residents and two guest rooms available for visitors and other guests of the Archdiocese.

How does rent at Prophet Elijah House compare to other apartments in northern Colorado?

Real estate in Denver is expensive. In our research, the cheapest efficiency-style room we could find cost $2,700 per month. At Prophet Elijah House we’re offering large rooms complete with bed, bath, and kitchen starting at $1,700 per month.

How can I get involved?

Contact Paul Dudzic at or call (720) 476-7525 to learn more about the retirement center and how you can be a part of this important mission, or donate today!